Learn To Slam Dunk In 8 Weeks. The Results Will Surprise You!



The slam-dunk fantasy,  almost all of us has had it, but not everyone gets to experience it. Even those of use who have put in a lot of hours practicing, can get  to touch the rim, but no slam dunk. That is because most people do not know how to properly practice, or how to efficiently build the muscle and flexibility needed to put the ball in the net.

It all starts with a little research, and yes, you can find many ways build up your leg strength for jumping. Usually you find all the same techniques and movements:

  • Jump squat with barbell
  • half squat
  • weighted backward lunges
  • one leg calf raises
  • box jumps

All of which are great, however they do require a gym, and they lack the training of one of the most important factors that determines your vertical jump, which is not sheer strength, but  greater mobility in the lower body kinetic chain. That is to say, improving ankle mobility leads to a higher jump.


Vert Shock improves mobility and builds fast-twitch muscle fibers, and most importantly, it does not require a gym.

This allows you focus on your training almost anywhere, you don’t need a gym membership, which means  its a lot easier to fit all the workouts and stretches into your daily scheduled, something you will need to work on.

The Vert Shock program will deliver results, and if you can dunk already, you can improve your vertical, however, it is a full program, and you will need to work at it 6-7 days a week for most of the 8 week time period.







This is not a short cut! Although 8 weeks is a short amount of time, the training is fairly difficult, you must be ready to put the work in.

Some of the benefits of the package include:

  • Cool jumping hacks
  • stretching exercises
  • best shoes to wear
  • optimize your jumping technique

Workout routines are fairly tough, but achievable, if you can put in the work, you can add the inches!

For more information and a limited discount offer click the links below











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