Lose Weight Through Metabolic Detox.


Many Americans suffer from obesity, or slow weight gain every year. Although diet and exercise play a very important role in how the body maintains fat and muscle composition, the endocrine system, which is responsible for releasing hormones, is the determining factor of how food gets stored as fat, or used for energy. So a weight loss plan that does not focus on hormonal release may not yield the best results.

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Intensive exercise may not be ideal for weight loss.

Yes, exercise is good for the body, and great for conditioning your heart, however it also leads to high cortisol levels, which linger around and are metabolically destructive, and increase in appetite, which can lead to overeating. This is why excessive cardio may be ineffective at burning excess fat. Many experts on weight loss agree that one of the best exercises for burning fat is a long walk, this gets the blood moving throughout the body, while maintaining a heart rate that will not lead to large cortisone spikes.

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Fat free, and sugar free products can actually lead to weight gain.

Many sugar free and fat free products have trans fats and other chemical that are difficult for the digestive system to break down, which can also contribute to weight gain. Artificial sweeteners may be good substitution for maintaining low blood sugar levels, but they can be harmful in other ways. For example, a person who consumes artificial sweeter on a regular basis would end up craving sweeter foods in general, which leads to poor food choices. It has also been noted that they can change the microbiome in gut bacteria because they do not adsorb in the blood very well. Some studies have also measured a higher level of lipids in the blood test of subjects who were given drinks with artificial sweeteners. It is believed this is due to a change is cell activity, in which the behavior of certain cells responsible for breaking down fats and proteins become modified.


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Eliminating toxins in the body is a good start for success.

Many toxins tend to build up in various places of the body, this can cause problems with our hormones, that as you may guess, contribute to weight gain. Metabolic acidosis, which usually starts to occur in people in their 30’s or 40’s, is when the kidneys can not get rid of acids produced from foods, which leads to increased fat storage. Without addressing underling toxins, any diet or weight loss program will be servery hindered. For more information on removing toxins, and diet plans, please click the link.  https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=newvibes&vendor=redteax



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All of us are different, we can gain and lose weight for a multitude of reasons.

We do not all gain weight for the same reasons therefore we can not all share the exact same method for shredding those extra pounds. If you are diabetic you may gain weight for slightly different reasons than others, all of us have different bacteria and microbiome in our digestive systems, which could react differently to foods, some of us can eat rice, and some will not be able to lose weight while eating rice. However, the battle of loosing weight is won by proper diet and hormonal balance, stay focused and continue to educate yourself.  Do not get too discouraged, and give yourself at least three to four weeks to measure true results.

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